About Vickie Colwell

My Journey – advocating Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

My experience as a secondary school Inclusion Teacher, Head of English, Head of Year and Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo) has led me to develop a passion and personal commitment to three things: fostering a positive learning environment for students of various backgrounds & abilities; maximizing individualised student performance and developing colleagues’ knowledge and skills in SEND. A practitioner that can create a nurturing environment for both colleagues & students where pleasure, progression and achievement are viewed as interdependent enabling all to aspire.

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Committed to developing a clear view of the nature of inclusive education and its contribution to the wider curriculum.

Passionate to educate the whole being providing pupils with quality first teaching experiences that builds on their strengths; engages them in learning and allows them to develop within them a passion for furthering their knowledge and skills.

I have a genuine appreciation of the impact that quality education has, both on the ability of students to achieve academically and upon the development as an individual, and member of the wider community.