‘Educational testing can be useful in matters concerning children’s learning, well-being and development. It is also relevant to adult learning. Educational testing is often used in determining a child’s special educational needs.’ BPS

I am able to better support other professionals, such as teachers, senior leaders, educational psychologists (EPs) and parents through working closely with schools; carrying out effective assessments of learners and reporting the findings in a way that is intelligible. 

Understanding the legislative and policy framework allows me to read, write, select, administer, interpret and evaluate a range of educational tests, assessments and psychometric reports in line with the Data Protection Act.

As a member of the British Psychological Society, I have exclusive access to international test commission issues and restricted psychological & psychometric tests. Registered with the BPS enables me full access to test reviews to aid test selection for general ability; learning & memory; non-verbal ability; numerical ability; verbal ability; spatial/visual ability; perceptual speed; scholastic attainment and memory amongst many others.

Benefits to the school include:

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